Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open again?
Yes, we are pleased to confirm that all 16 of our cinemas have reopened. 
Do you have to pre-book?
No, although we recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment, you can book on the door subject to availability. If you are booking for a performance that has allocated seats you will also get the best choice of seats the sooner you book. 
Will we have to wear a mask?
In England, patrons can continue to wear Face Coverings whilst moving around the building if they wish, but it’s no longer enforced. 
Outside of England, face coverings remain mandatory at many venues, except for those with exemptions. They can be removed whilst seated/eating and drinking in our cinema auditoria or in our bars and restaurants
Are you accepting cash, or just card payments?
Although we prefer contactless payments we are happy to accept cash. 
I have a booking but I have covid symptoms and/or must now isolate, what is your refund procedure?
If you are displaying symptoms it's important that you do not attend the screening and instead should follow government advice including getting tested if advised. With regards to your booking, please contact us and we will discuss options with you on a case by case basis. You can call the Box Office of your local cinema or email 
I had tickets for an event that didn’t happen because you were closed. What is happening?
We appreciate there were many people affected by our closure. Since returning to work our Support Office team who handle event booking and customer enquiries have been reaching out to our suppliers and contacts to re-schedule as many events as possible. Most have now been either confirmed as re-scheduled or sadly cancelled – you can see a list here. You can contact us here if you require more information. 
I had ordered a Gift Card while the Support Office was closed, when can I expect this to arrive?
Thank you to everyone who supported us by buying a gift card during the lockdown, all online orders should now have been processed. If you are still waiting, please contact us here
I have a Movie Magic Card that was active when you closed, will you be extending my membership?
Yes, if your card was active when we closed in March 2020 we have gifted you back any lost days, PLUS an extra 90 days. You can check the expiry date of your Movie Magic Card by logging in to your online account. 
I had a Gift Card that would have expired during the lockdown, can it still be used?
Yes, we have extended all Gift Cards and Guest Passes that were active on 18th March 2020. You can speak to our box office team to check the new expiry date. 
If you have a question that hasn't been covered here, please contact us for more information here

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